The Universe is a Tree page from the Creative Editions Fall 2018 catalog
My new book The Universe is a Tree is now in the Creative Editions fall 2018 catalog. I am very proud of my first book as both author and illustrator.
Publishers Weekly Review
This week Publishers Weekly is featuring a review of The Universe is a Tree. Link
Miss Pina, aged 5, comments on my Cinderella book in the German magazine Kinder!. She finds the happy end quite satisfying, and  seems unfazed by the grisly punishment of the evil stepsisters. What she definitely ADORES are the clothes.
French Edition of The Universe is a Tree
L'universe Est Un Arbre. French publisher Plume de Carotte has just issued the French edition of my book The Universe is a Tree. I am very happy with the news!
My new book The Universe is a Tree
I am thrilled to announce that my new book The Universe is a Tree is to be published next fall by Creative Editions. It is a collection of stories, poems and myths about trees, the fruit of my lifelong love for our green brothers on this planet. The wonderful people at Creative Editions : Tom, Rita, Kate and Amy shared my dream and we traveled the Milky Way together!
20 /05/2015
A legendary chestnut
The Tree of One Hundred Horses in Sicily. According to the legend, the queen of Aragon in 1308 was visiting mount Etna, when a storm broke and she found refuge under this colossal tree, along with her retinue of 100 horsemen and women. It still stands today and, at 2000 to 4000 years, is one of the oldest trees in Europe.
Nord Sued Fall 2017 Catalogue
Here's the page showing my Aschenputtel-Cinderella book in the Nord Sued Verlag- North South Editions fall 2017 catalogue.
Aschenputtel? Who is she?
Soon a new edition of  Cinderella with my illustrations will be published by North-South . In the brothers' Grimm version, we don't find mice of pumpkins, but a magic hazel tree ,a pear tree and lots of birds of all sizes and colours.coverEnglish
EDT Giralangolo
My recent publication for EDT Giralangolo.

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Cinderella is published in Russian by Enas publishing, Moskow.
Through the centre of the Earth to Taiwan!
Some books can go very far: Journey to the Centre of the Earth is published in Taiwan!
Hidden Bestiary Professor comes alive!
Judy Young, the Hidden Bestiary author, plays Professor Barnswhitten at school visits. Watch the video.
Sleeping Bear Press
Here is my page in the Sleeping Bear Press contributors' area.
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Laura Filippucci on Kirkus Reviews
Two of my books have recently been reviewed on Kirkus Reviews

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